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Solid State 12 Volt Dual Blower Controller

  • Control of two blower motors from multiple locations
  • Conveniently located, low current, SPST Momentary, switches with Integral Green LED Status Indicators (P/N 004-454) Control Blower Motors
  • Status indicators flash if either blower fails
  • Requires three #14 AWG Conductor Switch Control Circuit
  • Surface Mount
  • Meets SAE J1171, External Ignition Protection of Marine Devices (ABYC E- AND E-11.4.15 Note 7)
Part Number: 139-004
Price: 78.66
Amperage: 10 Amps.
Poles: Amps.
Enclosure Material ABS - UL 94 V-0
Color Black
Weight 0.12 lb (0.005 kg)
Size 4.3 (109.4 mm) x 3.8 (95.3 mm) x 1.4 (35.6 mm)
Mounting Hardware 4@ 8-32 x 1/2 round head slotted screw with external tooth lock washer (197-033)
Maximum Voltage 16 VDC
Minimum Voltage 10 VDC
Maximum Current 10 Amps per blower motor
Fuse 2@ 10 Amps Ignition Protected blade type (010-006)
Fuse Holder 2@ In-Line blade type (001-724)
Operating Temperature -40F (-40C) to 185F (85C)

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